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With the generous support of churches and others in our community, GRACE is able to offer various programs and services to families in Greene County with verifiable needs. GRACE is only as strong as those that support us, and we are very blessed to have the support of so many in our community, enabling us to offer these programs. The programs on this page are all run by the GRACE staff and volunteers.

GRACE has an Intake Process and a Verification Process before decisions are made to help a family financially. It does take time to get through this process. We believe in being good stewards of the money our donors have entrusted us with and we believe in teaching good stewardship.

      Ways to support this program:
» Become a case worker-sit with families to complete the Intake Process
» Become a part of the Wednesday Verification Group that helps make decisions
» Become a budget counselor
» Collect/donate household items

GRACE is always looking for volunteers with a variety of talents and skill levels. If you are interested in volunteering, or if you know of a group interested in community service projects, please contact us.

School Supply Drive

This program provides school supplies for school age children in Greene County Public Schools each year. A list of needed supplies provided by the schools is distributed in July of each year, items are collected and delivered to the schools in August, and the schools distribute the items to families. In 2010, 181 children received supplies at the beginning of the school year and many others were helped throughout the year.

      Ways to support this program:
» Purchase school supplies from the provided list
» Start a collection in your family, church, civic group or work place
» Donate money for needed school supplies
» Help with the collection, organizing, and counting of donated items

Thanksgiving Box Program

This program provides a frozen turkey and a box of food for qualified families in Greene County. It allows families to prepare a traditional style Thanksgiving meal in the comfort of their own homes. This program is supported by generous donations from churches, businesses, civic groups, and individuals in and around our community. This program provided a Thanksgiving Day meal to 274 families (at least 883 individuals) in 2010.

      Ways to support this program:
» Fill a box with non-perishable food for a Thanksgiving Day meal
» Donate $10.00 to offset the cost of a turkey for a family
» Donate perishable items such as eggs, pies, rolls or margarine that can be added to the boxes on Drop-off Day
» Collect food items at your church, workplace, etc
» Volunteer for Drop-Off, Delivery, and Distribution of food

Christmas Gift Program

This program provides Christmas gifts for eligible families in Greene County who have children age 14 and under. Families must pre-register in October and provide a "Wish List" for sponsors wishing to "adopt" a child. This program is supported by generous sponsors from churches, businesses, civic groups, and individuals in and around our community. In 2010, 156 families and 306 children received Christmas gifts through this program.

      Ways to support this program:
» "Adopt" a child and use the "Wish List" to provide gifts for a child
» Partner with a family member, friend, or co-worker to provide for a child/family
» Donate money towards the purchase of gifts for needy children
» Volunteer for Drop-Off, Organization, and Pick-Up of gifts

Warm Hearts for Warm Homes Program

This program provides GRACE with additional funding to help eligible Greene County families with the added cost of heating their homes during the winter months. GRACE has come to see that many low income families (some on disability and other forms of fixed income) simply do not have the means to pay the escalating cost of heating their homes. This program enables GRACE to help families with the basic necessity of staying warm.

      Ways to support this program:
» Donate money to help a family with their electric, oil, or fuel cost
» Donate wood for families who heat with a wood stove
» Offer to cut, split, or deliver wood to a family in need

Family Service Program

This program provides goods or services to eligible families in Greene County. Many families are referred to GRACE from area social agencies, schools, churches, etc… Once the need has been established, GRACE uses a network of supporters (mass email distribution list) to help get the word out in hopes that someone can step up to help meet the need. You may join now to start receiving emails with our updated current needs.

      Common requests for goods (in good condition):
» Mattress sets and bed frames (twin, full, and queen size)
» Baby beds and mattresses, high chairs, and strollers
» Dressers
» Kitchen table and chairs
» Sofas and love seats
» Washing machines and dryers
» Microwaves
» Air conditioners/heaters
» Vehicles in good working condition

      Common requests for services:
» A ramp/steps that needs to be built/repaired
» Repair work to a bathroom (plumbing skills usually required)
» Repair/replace a roof
» Repairs to mobile homes (painting roof, replacing underpinning, screws, and windows)
» Cleaning
» Cutting grass
» Cutting, splitting, or delivering wood
      *receipts can be provided for all donations received

Fire Victim Program

This program offers goods to families that have suffered loss due to a fire. Families are referred to GRACE by the Greene County Department of Social Services, the Red Cross, or other agency working to help families recover from this devastating event. GRACE uses a network of supporters (mass email distribution list) to get the needs out in hopes that items will be donated to help a family get reestablished in a home. The needs are often great and range from clothing to furniture.

      Ways to support this program:
» You may join now to start receiving emails on updated needs with this program.
» Donate items that are listed on the email updates
» Offer to pick up and/or deliver donated items to a fire victim
» Donate money for the family (all money donated for a specific fire victim goes directly to help that family with a financial need; usually rent or deposits to get set up in a new place.)

Financial Assistance Program

This program offers financial assistance to qualified families in Greene County that find themselves in emergency situations. Families are screened either by GRACE or by local agencies and community groups to determine the need. The criteria we look for is: (1) Is there a verified emergency, (2) Were the family's bills current before the emergency, and (3) Does the family have a balanced budget and will they be able to maintain their expenses after our assistance. Because not all families meet this criteria and every situation is different, there are several aspects to this program:

Referral Service - GRACE first serves as a referral service, trying to connect families with resources that are already out there and available to them. Many referrals are made to local agencies and our partnership programs. GRACE strives to inform families of seasonal types of help as well as year round support.

Budget Counseling - GRACE goes over a Household Budget with families in order to help families become aware of and make changes in their financial situation. This is one of the most important services GRACE offers families who need financial assistance. It helps us to know what resources will make the biggest impact on the family and it helps the family to better understand their financial standing and where changes can be made. We offer budget counseling for families who need an “accountability partner” to help them develop better spending habits.

Household Items - GRACE likes to offer household items to families to help them free up their cash to pay their bills. Families are often very relieved to be offered these items since these items are not covered with food stamps and they are already strapped for cash. Items include toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, soap, razors, shaving cream, female products, diapers, diaper wipes, laundry detergent, dish detergent and cleaning supplies.

GRACE Inc PO Box 513 Stanardsville VA 22973 434-985-6792
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